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Reason 7 Crack Activation Patcher No Key Required 18: A Simple and Effective Way to Bypass Product Activation

If a pre-shared key has been captured, airodump-ng provides the user with the following information: if the key was successful; the type and length of the key; the length of the key; and the name of the key. The user can then decide how to proceed. There are two options: use the key as it is, or try to crack the key.

Reason 7 Crack Activation Patcher No Key Required 18


If the user chooses the key as it is, airodump-ng will attempt to use it. If it works correctly, the password is either the correct one or close to it. If it does not work correctly, then the user will be given the option to try a different key. There is no guarantee that a different key will work. Once the aircrack-ng suite has generated the key that works, the user can then capture the associated data and repeat the process.

If the user chooses to try to crack the key, the user will be asked if the user wishes to attempt to crack the key in the same way it was captured. The user can either specify a dictionary type that airodump-ng can use or choose an attack type, including the statistical approach, the Korek attack, a bit-mapping attack or the FMS attack. Airodump-ng will then try each attack using the captured key and the resulting packets. If there is an attack that fails, it is recorded so that the user can attempt to capture packets again until the attack succeeds.

After the user has successfully cracked a pre-shared key, the aircrack-ng suite will use the key to produce the associated plaintext, which is then saved. Alternatively, if the user chooses to save the key, airodump-ng will, using the key, decrypt the captured data and save the plaintext.


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