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If your athlete is interested in joining the team after speaking with a coach, we’ll take the following next steps:


  1. Complete Waiver Form: Download the Covid and General Waiver form (fillable PDF), complete it, and email it to the Club President and appropriate Head Coach (e.g., if you intend to participate on the Danville side of the team, email it to the President and the Danville Head Coach). 

  2. Complimentary Run & Evaluation: Come join us for a run at one of our practices. This will give your athlete a chance to get a feel for the coach and team. Similarly, the coach will have an opportunity to determine whether there is a fit between the athlete’s current abilities and program offering. 

  3. Complete Application Form: Once there is mutual agreement about fit, an application form will be emailed to you through an electronic signature system (HelloSign). 

  4. TeamSnap Enrollment: Once the application has been submitted, an athlete profile will be created on TeamSnap and you will receive an invitation to join.    

  5. Pay Dues: Once an athlete is on the TeamSnap roster, an invoice for the season's dues will be generated. Dues can be paid via TeamSnap or Venmo. The Club operates solely on revenue from dues, so expeditious payments are appreciated. 

  6. USATF Membership: In order to participate in USATF races with the club, you must register your athlete at (click on the red "Join/Renew Now" button at the top right). When prompted, use "539" as the club number for Mt. Diablo Heat. 

  7. Age Verification: Your athlete's USATF membership isn't complete their birth certificate has been uploaded for age verification. This step is ESSENTIAL if your athlete wishes to be eligible for qualifying USATF meets.

  8. Purchase Uniform: Instructions on purchasing a team shirt or racing uniform for your athlete will be provided at the beginning of each season.


Danville Head Coach 

Katherine Loberg

Pleasanton Head Coach 

Jenny Tran 

President/Team Manager

Eric Washer

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