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Rento2D Lite: A 2D lite version of the original game with the same features and fun

Rento2D is Lite version of the original game - optimized for older smartphones and maximum battery life.In this lite version, there is no heavy animations, no effects and the gameboard is 2D instead of 3D. The game can be played by minimum of 1 and maximum of 8 playersIn order to win, you have to upgrade your castles, exchange lands, participate in auctions, spin the Fortune wheel, engage in RussianRouletts and ultimately - bankrupt your friends. As this game is online multi-player, this means that you can bring your whole family to play together - even if you are on a different continents.The game support 5 modes of gameplay-Multi-Player live-Alone - vs our artificial intelligence-WIFI play - 4 players max-PassToPlay - on same smartdevice-TEAMS - the players in all previous modes separated by 2, 3 or 4 teams

rento 2d lite


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