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[S4E3] If Books Could Kill

Morgan shakes his head. I lose people, then I lose myself. He had just given Nick his book, The Art Of Peace. He had just told Nick they could talk about anything. He had just finally opened up to somebody. And now all of that is gone. As a viewer, this makes me really sad. It was done well. Shocking but not senseless. Nick killed and was killed for it. We didn't see it coming.

[S4E3] If Books Could Kill

Phoebe scries for Piper, but can't find her because she isn't really a witch anymore. Cole shimmers in; he tried to sense Piper, but ended up drawing the attention of bounty hunters. Paige then remembers when she cast the karma spell on Donnie, she substituted "dirtbag" for "demon." She figures that she could change a lost-witch spell to find a lost sister instead. Phoebe doesn't think it will work if she's already looking for a kill. Paige then suggests using Cole as bait. Phoebe does not like this idea; Cole killed hundreds of people in the last century as Belthazor and their cries could kill him. However, Cole is willing to face up to his crimes in order to get Piper back, and talks her into agreeing. [Phoebe and Paige cast the spell, using blood from Cole's finger. The Furies are dressing Piper for a hunt when Piper hears the call. She tells the other Furies she knows where to find evil.

  • Tropes: All Crimes Are Equal: The Furies have no temperance and would gladly kill a shoplifter along with a murderer. This is stated to be the reason that they are considered evil.

  • All Myths Are True: Played with. Cole says that the demonic Furies are "modern knock-offs" of the ones from Greek mythology.

  • Apologetic Attacker: Paige orbs a lamp to smash over a Fury's head. When all three turn to glare at her, she sheepishly says sorry.

  • Bathos: Phoebe has a Despair Event Horizon at the thought they won't be able to save Piper. She also goes on an absolutely hilarious rant. Phoebe: Somehow it'll all be okay...I have no idea how... Paige: Phoebe... Phoebe: Ugh, my sister is a Fury, my boyfriend is a demon! (notices Cole) Oh baby, you're bleeding.

  • Berserker Tears: Piper when she finally breaks down and confronts her anger at Prue for dying.

  • Black-and-White Morality: The Furies punish people this way. Any evil doer will fall under their radar - a shoplifter and murderer would get the same treatment.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The Furies have this system.

  • Break the Haughty: It seems as though Donnie has been brought down several pegs by the end, through a combination of his experiences in the episode and an offscreen talk from Leo.

  • Breast Expansion: Paige, due to her misuse of magic, gets ridiculously large breasts as backfire from a spell she does to punish a sexually-harassing co-worker. She "borrowed" the Book of Shadows in order to right some wrongs, but being a new witch, she didn't get to read the No Personal Gain clause.Piper: You are so... busted?

  • Buxom Beauty Standard: When Paige's breasts grow large, Piper assumes she cast a spell to do that intentionally. It is something of a personal gain backfire to the spell she cast on Donnie - making her an object of affection too. Although wanting to go back to normal, when they do, Paige does lament "do you think it worked a little too well?"

  • Continuity Nod: Phoebe references the time she turned into a Banshee, Piper turned into a Wendigo and she was possessed by the Woogy in the basement.

  • Cute Monster Girl: The Furies may be demons but they're really just attractive girls with long nails and facial markings.

  • Cutting the Knot: When Paige wants to take the Book of Shadows, she is told that can't pass the door. So she throws it out the window.

  • D-Cup Distress: Paige is actually annoyed at her magically enlarged breasts, saying she liked her body the way it was, and finding it difficult to drive manually with them. Piper: You stole our sacred book so you could perform magical plastic surgery on yourself!? Paige: You think I did this on purpose? My body was fine just as it was, thank you!

  • Dark Is Evil: Although the Furies punish evildoers, their dark tribal markings, violent personalities and delight in the kill still marks them as an enemy.

  • Dodgy Toupee: Paige discovers that saying "nice rug" causes her co-worker's toupee to orb into her hands.

  • Don't Ask: After spending all episode learning about the times her sisters have been transformed or possessed, Paige just tells Cole not to ask when he hears about the Woogy for the first time.

  • Double Standard Rape: Female on Male: Subverted actually. Paige casts a spell on a pervert of a co-worker to make him irresistable to the women in the building. She's called out for it, and she still suffers from the personal gain backfire.

  • Genre Savvy: Paige figures out what Piper's really angry at.

  • Heroic BSoD: What turns Piper human again.

  • History Repeats: While talking to Leo, Phoebe starts reflecting on her new role as the middle sister, how it used to be Piper who helped her and Prue communicate, and how she's now the one mediating between Piper and Paige.

  • How Dare You Die on Me!: The real target of Piper's anger throughout the episode that she couldn't bring herself to admit was Prue herself for dying. Only by expressing it was she able to turn human again and begin moving on with her life. Paige was the first to realize it because she experienced the same thing when her adoptive parents died.

  • It's All My Fault: Phoebe tries to draw Fury-Piper's rage onto herself saying that Piper blames her for Prue's death. It turns out she's wrong, but the fact that she even thought to suggest it implies that Phoebe at least partially blames herself for what happened.

  • Laser-Guided Karma: Paige attempts to do this to Donnie, but there's backfire on her for doing so.

  • Moment Killer: Phoebe and Leo share a hug on the couch, but Leo abruptly orbs upstairs.Phoebe: (flopping onto the couch) I didn't mean you couldn't use the stairs!

  • Pay Evil unto Evil: The Furies' raison d'etre. It's pointed out this doesn't make them good.

  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure: Cole compares Piper's new attitude to Charles Bronson. Phoebe interrupts to ask who Charles Bronson is.

  • Skewed Priorities: Phoebe calls Leo on being annoyed that Cole threw an energy ball at Piper when she was attacking their innocent, and had just blown up Leo himself.

  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Cole helps Paige discover that her orbing power is triggered by fear.

  • Would Hit a Girl: Cole throws an energy ball at Piper when he realises she's becoming a Fury.

  • Wrong Genre Savvy: During the fight, Phoebe initially thinks Piper's angry because she blames her for Prue's death.



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