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How to Watch 3 Aakhri Intequam Full Movie in HD Online

3 Aakhri Intequam Full Movie 1080p: A Review of the Action Thriller


If you are a fan of action movies, you might have heard of 3 Aakhri Intequam, a Hindi movie released in 2002. The movie stars Sudesh Berry as Deva, Anu Kashyap as Anu, and Amit Pachori as Amit. The movie is directed by Rajesh Bakshi, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie is a fast-paced action thriller that revolves around the story of Deva, a young man who becomes a target of a ruthless gangster and seeks revenge with the help of his friends. The movie is full of thrilling stunts, fights, chases, and explosions that will keep you hooked till the end.

3 Aakhri Intequam Full Movie 1080p

In this article, we will review 3 Aakhri Intequam in detail and tell you why you should watch it. We will also tell you where you can watch 3 Aakhri Intequam full movie in 1080p quality online. So, let's get started!

The Story of 3 Aakhri Intequam

The Beginning

The movie begins with Deva, a happy-go-lucky guy who works as a mechanic in a garage. He lives with his mother and sister, who love him dearly. He also has a girlfriend, Anu, who is a journalist. Deva's life takes a turn when he accidentally witnesses a murder committed by a notorious gangster named Rana. Rana is the leader of a crime syndicate that deals in drugs, arms, and human trafficking. He is also the brother of a corrupt politician named Rajeshwar.

Rana decides to eliminate Deva, who becomes his prime witness. He sends his goons to kill Deva, but Deva manages to escape with Anu's help. Deva and Anu then go into hiding, while Rana and his men chase them relentlessly. Deva also learns that Rana is responsible for the death of his father, who was an honest police officer. Deva vows to take revenge on Rana and expose his crimes to the world.

The Middle

Deva meets two other men who have a grudge against Rana: Amit and Jitender. Amit is a former army officer who was framed by Rana for a crime he did not commit. He was dishonorably discharged from the army and lost his reputation and family. Jitender is a former boxer who was crippled by Rana for refusing to lose a match. He lost his career and dignity. Deva, Amit, and Jitender join forces and form a team of three to take on Rana and his gang.

They devise a plan to infiltrate Rana's network and destroy his illegal businesses. They use their skills and intelligence to outsmart Rana's men and sabotage his operations. They also gather evidence against Rana and Rajeshwar and leak it to the media. They face many obstacles and challenges along the way, such as corrupt cops, hired killers, and traitors. They also have to protect their loved ones from Rana's wrath.

The End

Deva and his friends succeed in their mission and expose Rana and Rajeshwar's crimes to the public. They also manage to rescue Anu, who was kidnapped by Rana as a hostage. They confront Rana in his hideout and engage in a final showdown with him and his men. They fight bravely and defeat Rana and his gang. Deva finally avenges his father's death by killing Rana.

Deva and Anu get married and live happily ever after. Amit and Jitender also find peace and happiness in their lives. The movie ends with a message of justice and courage.

The Highlights of 3 Aakhri Intequam

The Action Scenes

One of the main attractions of 3 Aakhri Intequam is the action scenes that are executed with skill and style. The movie showcases various stunts and fights that are realistic and thrilling. The movie uses practical effects and soundtracks that enhance the impact of the action scenes. The movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its fast-paced and gripping narration.

Some of the memorable action scenes in the movie are:

  • The car chase scene where Deva escapes from Rana's goons.

  • The bike chase scene where Deva rescues Anu from Rana's men.

  • The train fight scene where Deva battles Rana's henchmen on top of a moving train.

  • The warehouse fight scene where Deva, Amit, and Jitender take on Rana's army.

  • The climax fight scene where Deva confronts Rana in a hand-to-hand combat.

The Performances

Another highlight of 3 Aakhri Intequam is the performances of the actors who bring their characters to life. The movie features a talented cast of actors who deliver their roles with conviction and charisma. The movie also has a good chemistry between the lead actors and the supporting actors.

Some of the notable performances in the movie are:

  • Sudesh Berry as Deva: Sudesh Berry plays the role of Deva, the protagonist of the movie, with flair and intensity. He portrays Deva as a brave and loyal man who fights for justice and love. He also shows his versatility as an actor by displaying his emotions and expressions in different scenes. He is the main attraction of the movie.

  • Anu Kashyap as Anu: Anu Kashyap plays the role of Anu, the love interest of Deva, with grace and charm. She portrays Anu as a smart and independent woman who supports Deva in his mission. She also shows her chemistry with Sudesh Berry in their romantic scenes. She is the main female lead of the movie.

  • Amit Pachori as Amit: Amit Pachori plays the role of Amit, one of Deva's friends, with skill and style. He portrays Amit as a loyal and courageous friend who helps Deva in his revenge plan. He also shows his action skills in his fight scenes. He is one of the main supporting actors of the movie.

  • Jitender as Jitender: Jitender plays the role of Jitender, another friend of Deva, with humor and energy. He portrays Jitender as a funny and friendly friend who adds some comic relief to the movie. He also shows his action skills in his fight scenes. He is another supporting actor of the movie.

  • Mac Mohan as Rana: Mac Mohan plays the role of Rana, the antagonist of the movie, with menace and malice. He portrays Rana as a ruthless and powerful gangster who stops at nothing to get what he wants. He also shows his villainy in his dialogues and expressions. He is the main villain of the movie.

The Message

The final highlight of 3 Aakhri Intequam is the message that it conveys to the viewers. The movie conveys a message of justice and courage that inspires the viewers to fight against evil and stand up for what is right. The movie also celebrates friendship and love that motivates the viewers to value their relationships and support their loved ones.

Some of the messages that the movie conveys are:

  • Justice prevails over injustice: The movie shows how Deva and his friends succeed in bringing Rana and Rajeshwar to justice and avenging their wrongs. The movie shows that no one can escape from the law and karma.

  • Courage overcomes fear: The movie shows how Deva and his friends overcome their fear and face Rana and his gang with courage and determination. The movie shows that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act despite it.

  • Friendship strengthens bonds: The movie shows how Deva and his friends share a strong bond of friendship that helps them in their mission. The movie shows that friendship is not about how many friends you have, but how much you care for them.

  • Love conquers all: The movie shows how Deva and Anu's love for each other helps them in their journey. The movie shows that love is not about how much you say it, but how much you show it.

The Drawbacks of 3 Aakhri Intequam

The Clichés

Despite its highlights, 3 Aakhri Intequam also has some drawbacks that might affect its appeal to some viewers. One of the drawbacks is that the movie follows a typical formula of action movies that makes it predictable and clichéd. The movie has some common tropes and elements that are seen in many other action movies, such as:

  • The hero who has a tragic past and seeks revenge.

  • The heroine who is a journalist and gets kidnapped by the villain.

  • The friends who join forces with the hero and help him in his mission.

  • The villain who is a gangster and has a politician brother.

  • The climax where the hero fights the villain in a hand-to-hand combat.

The movie lacks originality and innovation in its story and execution. It does not offer anything new or different to the viewers who have seen many similar action movies before.

The Flaws

Another drawback of 3 Aakhri Intequam is that the movie has some flaws that might affect its quality and credibility. Some of the flaws are:

  • The logical loopholes and inconsistencies: The movie has some scenes and events that do not make sense or contradict each other. For example, how Deva escapes from Rana's trap without any injury or how Rana finds out Deva's location without any clue.

  • The poor editing and dubbing: The movie has some scenes that are poorly edited or dubbed, making them look choppy or unnatural. For example, some of the action scenes are cut abruptly or some of the dialogues are mismatched with the lip movements.

  • The weak dialogues and humor: The movie has some dialogues and humor that are weak or cheesy, making them sound lame or cringy. For example, some of the dialogues are clichéd or repetitive, or some of the jokes are vulgar or offensive.

The movie lacks polish and finesse in its presentation and delivery. It does not meet the standards of a high-quality action movie.


3 Aakhri Intequam is an action thriller movie that tells the story of Deva, a young man who seeks revenge on a gangster who killed his father and targeted him. The movie features Sudesh Berry, Anu Kashyap, Amit Pachori, and others in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Rajesh Bakshi.

The movie has some highlights, such as the action scenes, the performances, and the message. The movie also has some drawbacks, such as the clichés, the flaws, and the lack of originality. The movie is a decent watch for action lovers, but not a must-watch for others.

If you want to watch 3 Aakhri Intequam full movie in 1080p quality online, you can find it on various websites and platforms that offer Hindi movies. However, you should be careful about the legality and safety of these websites and platforms. You should always use a trusted and reliable source to watch movies online.


  • When was 3 Aakhri Intequam released?

3 Aakhri Intequam was released on 15 November 2002 in India.

  • Who is the director of 3 Aakhri Intequam?

Rajesh Bakshi is the director of 3 Aakhri Intequam. He also wrote the screenplay of the movie.

  • What is the IMDb rating of 3 Aakhri Intequam?

3 Aakhri Intequam has an IMDb rating of 4.8 out of 10 based on 9 user ratings.

  • Is 3 Aakhri Intequam based on a true story?

No, 3 Aakhri Intequam is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story created by Rajesh Bakshi.

  • Is 3 Aakhri Intequam available on any streaming platform?

No, 3 Aakhri Intequam is not available on any streaming platform as of now. It is only available on some websites and platforms that offer Hindi movies online.



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