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Street Loop (Extended Mix)

In May 1990, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's music radio station Triple J notably stunted by playing "Express Yourself" on a loop. The station's staff had gone on strike over the suspension of Triple J's news director, Nick Franklin, after he had played a portion of fellow N.W.A. song "Fuck tha Police" in a segment discussing the song's subject matter. The station had, notably, been playing the song without incident for several months, but ABC's radio head had requested that the song be given a "rest". The song was played 82 times in a row until the employee was reinstated. Triple J paid tribute to the event in April 2014, when the launch of its new service Double J (which replaced ABC Dig Music) was preceded with another loop of "Express Yourself", including the original recording and covers performed by Australian musicians,[6][5] such as Darren Hanlon and The Audreys.[7]

Street Loop (Extended Mix)

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From the Lower Yosemite Fall area, head west along the base of the Three Brothers rock formation, past Camp 4, eventually working your way through Yosemite Valley to El Capitan. If you are planning to hike the half loop, cross the Merced River at El Capitan Bridge and continue by heading east back toward Yosemite Village. If you are planning to hike the full loop, continue west past El Capitan toward Bridalveil Fall. While most of the trail is flat, there are some hilly sections throughout the hike. Additionally, you will find mixed trail surfaces: dirt, rocks, sand, and old pavement.

We've also noted how each route can be modified to make them shorter or longer. While the routes have recommended loops and turnaround points, there are plenty of ways to customize each route to whatever works best for you

An extended mix is a longer version of a work. Sections can be repeated, new material in the style of the original can be added, and more. Even loops can be extended--in this case, the length of the material before the repeat is increased.

An extended mix is a version explicitly made for discos. There are various definitions used with styles. A simple extended mix will have the a song 3:30 long taken to 7:00 long, where they might loop things over, do structural loop changes (filtering, delay) or they might insert related instrumental work that was either cut from the original mix or from some other recordings altogether (sampling.) Maxi mixes also exist which seem explicitly designed for DJs to take a bathroom break or to get a drink from the bar, such as this version of Blue Monday.

These tracks were used in missions, usually just inside the opening area to set the mood. The first wave of them were introduced in Issue 6, while more came in Issue 18. Many of the Issue 6 tracks were looped versions of other music previously used for city zones, but most of them were unused overall.

Found just minutes away from the Magnificent Mile shopping district, the suberb hotel Viceroy Chicago offers premium location, along with a top class rooftop experience. Set 18 levels above the busy streets, the terrace holds both a lovely Chicago rooftop pool, as well as a stylish rooftop cocktail lounge.

Take I-4 West towards Tampa to the CR-582 exit, EXIT 33. Turn left onto CR-582 S/N. Socrum Loop Road. Go under the overpass and veer to the right, turning onto SR-33, also known as Lakeland Hills Blvd. Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium is located approximately 2 miles on the left hand side of the street.

Take I-4 East towards Orlando to the US-98 S exit, EXIT 32. Turn right onto US 98 S/South Florida Avenue. Turn left at the second traffic light onto Griffin Road. Turn right at the second traffic light onto Lakeland Hills Blvd. Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium is located approximately mile on the left hand side of the street.

From MulberryTake SR-37 N./N. Church Avenue (will turn into S. Florida Avenue) approximately 13 miles. Turn right onto Memorial Blvd. (Stop completely behind the white line at the red light to avoid receiving a traffic citation). Turn left at the first traffic light onto Lakeland Hills Blvd. Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium is located approximately 1 mile on the right hand side of the street.

Take 6th Street north to SR-544 West. Make a left onto SR-544 West. Follow SR-544 West 3 miles and make a slight left turn onto US-92 W. Take US-92 approximately 11 miles to Lakeland Hills Blvd. Turn right onto Lakeland Hills Blvd. Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium is located approximately 1 mile on the right hand side of the street.

On The Grid, with deejay Dante Scaglione, excavates the earworms and oddities of international dance music and adjacent ambiance: synthesizer-laden, sometimes lounge-y, sometimes rave-y, and almost always sitting atop a programmed, percussive grid. From pop rap to acid house, trip-hop to new wave, synth-pop to street soul, with a special emphasis on anything Euro and Italo, a vast array of styles are unified in the ultimate pursuit of catching a vibe. 041b061a72


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