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Who Buys Comics Near Me

Infinity Comics will pay you cash for comic books. The website says it loves really big comic book collections or small collections that are made up of key issues. You can give the company a call to discuss your comics. The number can be found on the website linked above.

who buys comics near me

The easiest way to find local comic shops that may buy old comics is through Simply enter your zip code or address and it will give you a list of all comic shops near you. This covers North America. If you are looking for stores outside of North America, simply search by country.

You might want to consider selling your more valuable books separately. Selling your comics in bulk is a good option if you need quick money. But you might not get as much value. You could also consider selling them in small groups since some buyers would appreciate having a whole collection of a certain publisher.

I have a lot of comics to sell a lot of first editions,second editions,of all different kinds x-men,spiderman,superman,batman,green lantern,wonder woman,cat woman,silver surfer,gi joe,star wars,and a bunch of others they are all in great condition.

We are Lone Star Comics, selling online as MyComicShop. We've been selling comics since 1961 and arethe largest comic book retailer in the world. Each year we buy millions of comics from sellers allacross the United States and around the world. We buy single high value comics, collections large andsmall, estates, and dealer and retail store inventories.

We make selling comics easy and treat you fairly regardless of your experience and knowledge of comics.We are a two-generation family-owned business with over 100 employees. We have an outstanding reputation forhonesty and square dealing. See testimonials from sellers who havedealt with us.In addition to comic books, graphic novels, and comic magazines, we also buy original comic art,pulps, digest magazines, fanzines, vintage paperbacks, and pre-1980s Men's interest magazines.

Unfortunately most comics published in the 1980s, 1990s, and newer are very common and so not worth very much.We sell most comics from this time period for between $1.00 and $3.00, and buy them for less than $1.00 or not at allbecause we're already well stocked with them.

  • Here's how to get an idea of the value of your comics:Look up your comic on our online want list to see if we're buying it, and if so how much we'llpay. If it's not on our want list, then it's usually a common comic and not worth very much. If it is worth enough to sell,you can use our online want list to sell it.

  • Look up your comic using the search on MyComicShop to see what we're selling it for.

  • Look up your comic on eBay to see what other copies arebeing listed for sale at. Even better, use the options to see eBay completed listings, since a completed sale is more informativethan an asking price on an unsold item.

Then, if you think your comics are valuable enough to be worth selling to us, youcan use our online want list to sell your comics from the 1980s, 1990s, and newer.If you're a knowledgeable comic collector or dealer and have high value items you wish to sell or consign,including CGC and CBCS graded comics, you should also look at Option 1B (sell CGC and CBCS graded comics) andOption 4 (consignment) described below.

We are the top buyer in the country for large collections and estates. We can buy any size collection, will treat you fairly, and pay strong prices that can beat any other offer. Please give us a call to discuss your comics.

  • We pay competitive prices for CGC and CBCS graded comics from all eras:classic Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age in all grades and value ranges

  • high grade modern comics, signature series, and CBCS verified signatures

  • price variants, promotional, giveaways, other unusual books

  • restored, conserved, qualified, coverless/incomplete

  • all price ranges: $20+, $100, $1000, $10K, $100K+

If you are selling comics graded by CGC or CBCS: email a list of the CGC or CBCS graded comics you wantto sell to,or send a text to 817-701-0704 listing the CGC and CBCS comics you want to sell.Unless your list is espeically large we should be able to get back to you with an offer within1-2 business days if not same day.

If your comics are not graded by CGC or CBCS: please review the other selling options described on this pageand pick the one that best fits what you have. For most people with comics from the 1980s or newer, this would be Option 2, describedjust below.

We will buy your entire collection under option 3 if at least half of your collection is comics cover priced $0.35 or less. If you have acollection consisting of mostly comics from the 1980s and newer with cover prices $0.40 and higher, we recommend you use Option 2: Sell usingour online want list.

Before offering your comics to us, we suggest you check with your local comic store, or antique shop or used book store if there's nocomic store in your area, and get an offer price from them for your comics. That way you have something to compare to when you receiveour offer. Sellers who take our advice and get another offer first tell us that our offer is usually two to ten times better.

Once your comics arrive at our warehouse, you'll receive an offer within seven business days, usuallysooner, and we pay immediately on your acceptance of our offer. If we are unable to agree on a price for your comics, we will return your comics to you at our expense.

MyComicShop works with a number of knowledgeable full-time and part-time comic dealers and collectors, located all over the United States and even in Canada, the UK, Australia, and southeast Asia. Depending on your needs, these MyComicShop associates can help facilitate the evaluation, sale, pickup, and transportation of your comics.

First contact our buying team at 817-701-0704, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Central. We'll discuss your collection and determine the best next steps toward a sale: remote evaluation using a list and pictures you provide; us flying to meet you; or having one of our buyer associates visit you to look at the comics.

East coast and NYC-area sellers: Howard Margulies is MyComicShop's east coast regional buyer. He's located in New Jersey near NYC and able to travel extensively up and down the east coast to assist MyComicShop in purchasing collections. He is authorized to seek out leads on comic collections as a representative of MyComicShop.

I had over 12,000 comics (50 long boxes), tons of stuff graded and not, and all the classics. I happen to stumble across Sean and Ashley's site during my inventory phase and was instantly struck, not only by their knowledge, but how they could relay that information to me and have it make sense.

Stumbling across their site was the absolute best thing that happened to me. I received a very respectable offer and I left knowing that my uncle's lifetime collection of comics had gone to a group of guys who truly loved comics the way he loved them.

I cannot recommend this company enough. Whether you are just looking to appraise or sell a couple comics or your uncle's lifetime collection lands in your lap, Sean and Ashley will absolutely give you and your comics the honesty and respect they deserve.

"I found this site and followed the easy procedure of sending Ash a list of what we had. This saved so much time than I thought would be necessary, as comics are not anything I have background in dealing with.

We just received a collection of over 1,000 near mint Bronze Age issues, including keys such as Star Wars #1-28, Ms Marvel #1, Iron Fist #14, Nova #1, some awesome Conan issues, and even runs of Howard the Duck and Logan's Run!

The average "find" of western comics is usually in really beaten-up shape, but if you find ones that look almost as new (be really objective about this -- see our article on comic book grading for more info), then it's worth getting in touch.

Our expert staff provides a stress-free, no-obligation selling experience. We will examine your comics, and give you the best offer possible based on their rarity and condition. No pressure, no obligation. Come see us today!

Want to sell YOUR comics for REAL money? CALL ME at (804) 464-3232, AND LEAVE A MESSAGE! For large collections, I will even come to YOU and I want to pay you top dollar IMMEDIATELY for your comics!

Why do I pay MORE?? Simple: I OWN the VA Comicon. It costs me less than anyone else to set up and sell, I know all the dealers AND I market directly to my clients. Often when I buy comics, I already have a customer in mind, which allows me to make a more competitive offer!

While CGC Comics is not a comics retailer, they can be helpful for sellers, whom they work with to grade and evaluate their collections. This is a good resource if you think you have something valuable but want someone to help you figure out how

But, if you want to learn EVERYTHING about selling your comic book collection, from grading companies to selling your comics at an auction house, then click the button below to access our 3000 plus word FREE E-book.

We do a LiveSale every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. Arizona time! We show all the new comics for the week, and usually have a few other goodies as well. Don't forget to subscribe and enable notifications on your favorite platform so you know when we go live!

The CGC Comic Book Dealer Locator makes it easy to find local comic book dealers and comic book shops where you can buy and sell comics. The comic book stores listed in this directory handle Golden Age comics, Silver Age comics, Bronze Age comics, Copper Age comics, modern comics and more. Search by location and specialty to find contact information for comic book sellers as well as dealers looking to buy key issues, first appearance comics, signed comics and other types of comics.

Comic books have changed significantly since they first found their way into pop culture so many decades ago. In today's comic shops, consumers can find comic books featuring everything from classic super-heroes like DC Comics' Batman and Marvel Comics' Spider-Man to titles featuring nearly every subject under the sun. 041b061a72


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