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Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK 1.18.5 (Menu, Free Craft) - The Ultimate Zombie Survival Game on Android

In ZOMBIE FIRE 3D Mod APK, your opponents are zombies that have transformed. This zombie population is growing fast; they can be found almost anywhere. The apocalypse has come, and the crime scene has been discovered. Your current mission is to survive to the end; The fate of humanity is in your hands. The evil virus has attacked humanity to infect and turn people into zombies. Zombies have an impact on our environment. Although it will take some time, you can stop this dangerous infection.

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Zombie Catchers is a fun and action game where people are no more afraid of zombies. This game takes you far away from being afraid and you are now zombie hunter. You have your very own business which you customers do not know. You are a zombie hunter and you can catch zombies. You can kill zombies and make dessert and drinks from them.

People like dessert and drinks made of zombies but they actually do not know that they are taking desserts and drinks made of zombies. There are so many special and fun tasks to do in this game. Zombies will never get you bore and you can play this game for hours with lots of fun and entertainment. Catch zombies without harming them with the help of advance traps and tranquilizers. You can buy different traps and items to catch zombies.

Zombie Catchers game features lots of cool and great weapons. Weapons are necessary for your protection because some zombies will throw plates and other items on you. You have to be more careful while catching zombies because once they find out that you are here, they will not eat you but they will run away from you. Catch zombies with weapons and awesome traps. There are so many awesome traps available such as nets, weapons, guns, traps and jetpacks to catch zombies and completing quests. Catch normal and special zombies in the game.

You cannot only catch zombies but also can create desserts and other drinks from zombies. You own a business where people come in your cafe and order drinks and desserts. Catch zombies and cook them to make dessert and drinks for your customers. Your customers do not know about this business but they love your dessert and drinks. Build food business and make candies, snacks and other eating items from zombies. Upgrade your protection line to earn more profit by catching zombies and selling your desserts. Find new recipes and make different snacks from zombies.

There are so many awesome locations and hideout in the game. Some special zombie species are hidden in that places. Explore different territories and find special zombies to catch. Catch special zombies and convert them into lucrative and tasty food product. Special items and desserts can only be made with special zombies. You can even dispatch your drones to different locations because drones will help you to find out more locations and zombies. There are plenty of ways which you can use to catch awesome zombies. Create awesome snacks from awesome and special zombies.

You need to upgrade your guns and traps because some special and awesome zombies are fast and smart. They can escape from you within seconds but if your weapons and traps are upgraded, then you can catch any zombie with your strategy. Find Boss Zombies in game and catch them with your upgraded guns and traps. Develop and sharpen your skills to rank higher in your league. Catch as much zombies as you can to increase your business.

Zombie Catchers is an offline game and you can easily play it without internet connection. There are tons of features available in game. The story and gameplay is so much fun. There are different challenges available in game which you can complete and get valuable rewards. Build and manage your underground lab where you can convert zombies into different candies and snacks. This game is completely free to download and play on any android device. Download now and start catching zombies.

Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) MOD Unlocked - Have you ever wondered about the zombie apocalypse, whether you can survive? Download this game and experience the whole nightmare, destroy zombies with whatever you want, play as famous heroes, fight to the last in different locations. Survive at any cost in the middle of this hell, horrible and funny moments will be waiting for you throughout the game!

Take on the challenge to survive in the zombie world in the game Zombie Cubes 2. The zombies have returned to the world, but now they are different from cubes. You are the only person on this planet to survive the wave of destruction of the zombies. Outbreaks in the world have helped zombies appear and destroy the planet you live on. Now you can only constantly move to avoid the zombies that search for you in every corner. You are the only one with a round shape different from them on this planet. The zombies will constantly look for you no matter where you are, so you must take up arms.

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Zombies have appeared before you, but their appearance does not seem to be what you imagined. They are far from you because you are round and have a strange square appearance. It seems this outbreak has caused the zombie with this odd appearance to move. Although they change their arrival, the brutal nature of zombies remains the same. They have always remained devoid of humanity, and any life would annoy them. You are a life still on this planet, and they are ready to attack you. Run across this ravaged planet and make a plan to fight the zombies.

Undistracted by sophisticated effects or gameplay, Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG is focused on bringing a pleasing shooting experience to players. You will personally perform crisp shooting screens, shaking the screen and destroying the colorful zombie army in front of unexpected attacks.

Playing Zombie Horde, you will be able to shoot down a series of zombies that are spreading throughout the city on modern cartoon graphics. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or have a lot of experience fighting zombies on mobile, starting Zombie Horde is easy thanks to the semi-automatic shooting mechanism. You can play Zombie Horde with a high-speed shooter that only needs to be controlled with one finger. Just like that, the first step made the game accessible to everyone.

The RPG element is also a part that makes the game different. With the achievements of shooting zombies, you will gradually accumulate more money and gold, providing the opportunity to open many new warrior heroes. By managing more than 60 heroes, each of which is full of unique skills, different abilities and unique weapons. You will gradually move deeper into the world where zombies have evolved with hundreds of unpredictable species.

Talk about weapons in more detail. Zombie Horde arsenal opens up for each hero in turn, according to each mission. Each gun has a different damage index, design shape, speed, and bullets. You will witness giant guns spitting out fire bullets like a mini cannon, or you can also use sniper rifles to shoot zombies from a distance. Each hero is suitable for a certain group of weapons to promote their combat strengths.

Seeing well-drawn, muscular, playful, colorful heroes in a zombie shooting that should have been so bleak can make you happy all day. Not to mention the zombie army is honestly a bit cute. The world has changed, zombies have gone through many stages of transformation to create many new species.

If you have a day that is too tired of heavy dark zombie games, try this dramatic shooter on 3D animated graphics. Its cute bright colors will make the zombie shooting experience more unforgettable than ever.

Mobirix always brings to the game a very fierce fighting style so the player can experience a zombie disaster of its true meaning. Zombie Hunter King has no tactical element, purely fighting alone. Thanks to that, the game is loved by the player because of its simplicity, focus on shooting elements and destroying zombies.

Are you a big fan of Merge Plants and Zombies game? If yes, please get ready to experience a new combination between Zombieville vs Idle Games.?If you want to win, you must combine your plants fastest to gain strength against the enemy in battle.Might Zombies and Plants be opposites in other games, but now they are all your soldiers! Do you have enough confidence to fight them back with your army? Merge and Control them to fight!? How to play Merge Plants: Idle Zombies?- Merge similar zombies or plants at the same level to create a stronger army. Zombies are used for close combat, plants are for long-distance combat.- Your team will increase in strength as you buy more zombies and arrange them into the smartest squad.- Try your best to eliminate your enemies before your army died.? Game Features of Merge Master Games:?- Merge your Plants and Zombies.- Strategic thinking, squad arrangement.- Easy to control, fun to play Idle Games.- Strategize your army in the Zombieland.- Funny, challenging with Zombieville.- Endless fun in Zombieland.? Merge your plants and zombies to fight against others! Merge to grow, Build your mighty team. JOIN NOW!

You would have played Zombie Survival modes a lot. There are plenty of Third Perspective Shooting games in which you are surviving the zombie apocalypse or fighting the undead. But have you ever played as a zombie rather than the fighter?

Zombie Tsunami is a game in which you are undead and you are running to eat people and increase your zombie army. Because, more people you eat, more undead joins you as your undead species and you being human race closer to extinction. Create an horde and let your buddies eat strangers.

This game has more than 300 missions to play. In single player mode, you can level yourself up in missions by playing more than 300 missions. These missions are very helpful while winning rewards and coins. You can get so many zombie characters unlocked and perks which you can use in multiplayer and single player mode to boost up your progress. It has a good expansive mission campaign which has a range of difficulty levels.


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