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While some reported the content of the flashback episode to be short-lived, others experienced a more protracted experience reliving the entire distressing episode.I'll go through the whole thing. Like it will run from start to finish like a movie. Its very hard to switch off once I've started thinking about it, it has to play out if you like 2F

Participants considered themselves to have experienced a narrow escape from death and as described before expressed considerable psychological distress after the event. They did not feel that healthcare professionals fully appreciated the seriousness of their experience and thus did not understand the distress associated with symptoms suggestive of VTE recurrence.But I cant remember thinking that you know, I might have died, that my daughter might not have had her mum, and no one helping to make sure that I understood what was going on, or what was wrong with me, or how this would effect my life. I just remember feeling quite resentful of the medical staff. 2F

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Mostly because of these changes, several linguists have argued that BP is now so different from other Romance Languages that it cannot be classified as a full Null Subject Language (NS), like Spanish or EP; instead, this language should receive the status of partial Null Subject Language (pNS) (Barbosa 2001; Barbosa, Duarte & Kato 2005). Besides the high rates of overt pronouns, another characteristic of BP that supports this decision is the difference among EP and BP speakers on how they interpret pronouns in sentences (4) and (5).

Gruter, Rohde & Schafer (2016) describe a dataset that comprises pronoun interpretation in TOP contexts after pronoun prompts and full-stops, i.e., sentences with no prompts. Because half of the data came from full-stop sentences, this dataset shows less subject-preference than data obtained only with pronoun-prompt sentences. Authors do not provide a complete descriptive analysis of their data for coherence relations, but in this less source-biased context, Explanation did not seem to entail any preferences towards the source or goal for either perfective or imperfective sentences. At the same time, Occasion and Elaboration showed the same biases reported by Rohde and described in this paper. We see this as an indication that the Explanation bias for the source is close to 0.5, and the source preference documented for English emerges from the interaction of this probability with a strong subject preference associated with the use of an overt pronoun.

Time flow is the distinctive structure of various kinds of data, such as multimedia movie, electrocardiogram, and stock price quote. To make good use of these data, locating desired instant or interval along the time is indispensable. In addition to domain specific methods like automatic TV program segmentation, there should be a common means to search these data according to the changes along the time flow.


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