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Avtandil Ivanov
Avtandil Ivanov

Download RedNotebook and Start Writing Your Personal Diary Today

After lots of research, I think RedNotebook is by far the best option to keep a journal.Problem is, it doesn't have an easy way to save a journal online. I use several devices, for start Windows and Linux, and also different computers (desktop, laptop), so to be able to keep in sync the journal is a must. But there isn't an easy way to do it with RedNetbook. The most straight forward method is to export a journal as a zip at the end, upload it to the cloud, then download that zip in another device, decompress it, open it, and then export again an so on.Would be so much better to be able to open a file that is already in the cloud and work from it. There isn't any desktop software journal that does this, I can say for sure after lots of research.Is any plan to add that functionality at some point?Cheers.

Not only that, but also I need to install extra software. I use Google Drive, but I don't have the software installed, I upload manually what I need. On top of that, there isn't an official client for it in Linux. Besides, I have several gigabytes there, I don't want all of that downloaded in every device I want to use RedNotebook.

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