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Benoit Gouez, cellar master for Moët & Chandon, has a wry personality even when talking about his own sparkling wines. At a small trade tasting at Lacroix in Philadelphia, Gouez poured non-vintage Moët from standard 750-milliliter bottles. But when he was ready to taste vintages, magnums appeared at the table.

buy magnum champagne

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Why is that? And how are these big bottles stored and served? Can a sommelier, who normally pours bubbly with one hand, their thumb stuck into the punt or indentation at the bottom of the bottle, do that thumb trick with a heavy, bulky magnum?

Bright lemon yellow colour, regular and fine bubbles. The nose already has a bouquet of toast, gingerbread and hints of stale bread. Good balance on a full-bodied champagne. Character in prolongation of the notes of the nose. Fine and melted bubbles. Finishes with notes of toast. Ready to drink and can be served with a cold meal.

Characterized by mouthwatering flavors and an ethereal texture, this champagne was developed to reflect Le Mesnil's signature house style. Perfect as an aperitif, it will also easily hold its own through dinner and into dessert.

A Magnum of Perrier Jouet's Grand Brut. Fact Hunt - Magnums of Champagne are more than just bigger bottles - most Champagne houses age their magnums for considerably longer than standard bottles before releasing (even for the non-vintage stuff), so in buying a magnum you are usually getting a better aged Champagne.

A Magnum champagne bottle contains 1.5 liters of champagne. This big champagne bottle is widely recognized as being the ideal format for aging champagnes, especially the best champagne bottlings of top champagne brands.

A magnum is a bottle of champagne that is twice the size of a regular one. As well as making wonderful gifts, they serve as brilliant conversation starters, too! So, if you know a champagne lover who deserves an extra-special treat, a magnum of champagne is exactly what you need.

Classic medium bodied English sparkling wine that is gentle and full of aroma. Gives champagne a run for its money with notes of honey, pastry and baked apple. A creamy and rich finish. The ultimate home-grown alternative to Champagne, for all special occasions.

To mark its 250th anniversary, Champagne Lanson created a range of cuvées, Extra Age. This is the 3rd and final evolution of the champagne. The blend of Extra Age Brut is always 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir selected from Grand Cru vineyards of Avize, Bouzy, Chouilly, Cramant, Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger, Verzenay using three vintages: 2004, 2005 and 2006. These magnums have a lot of complexity and significant future ahead, they are quite extraordinary and we believe this is the best champagne made by Lanson.

Collection 242 has a large, immediate, fruity aroma and taste of exotic golden fruits, vanilla, almonds and toast which ends in a long and complex aftertaste. The soft and creamy mouthfeel of the mousse complements the eminent acid backbone beautifully, and together gives a fully molded champagne that requires more than just one glass!

The gloriously sunny, warm and dry 2015 summer was perfect for the pinot noir grapes that constitute over 2/3rds of the Roederer vintage blend. Rich, powerful with smoky, spicy and herbal notes bringing depth and complexity to the fruity core of apples, pears and zesty redcurrant. A stunning, full-bodied champagne of fantastic power.

All Louis Roederer vintage champagnes are made using grapes from their own estate. Fascinated by the aromatic diversity of Pinot Noir in Champagne, Louis Roederer use the structure and power of the Pinot Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims to create their Brut Vintage blend. Exposed to the north-east, these vineyards produce grapes that mature much slower, thereby making wines that are sometimes rough and closed at the beginning of the ageing process. However, the character of the Pinot Noir intensifies and becomes more refined through long ageing in wood. It is the Pinot Noirs from the Grand Cru rated village of Verzenay in particular that give the champagnes their velvety, creamy and elegant palate.

Pommery Brut Royal Non Vintage Champagne with a Royal Blue Gift Box is a Decanter Gold Award Winning Wine . Brut Royal is pale yellow with faint green highlights. Lively and cheerful, fresh, light-hearted, fine, delicate and generous.In the mouth elegant and lively. Small assertive notes of red fruits. A rounded, rich, delicate wine that lingers in the mouth. In short, a clean taste with no dryness. A very smooth wine which never wanes on the palate.The style at Pommery is light and delicate. The non-vintage Brut Royal is 35% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 30% Pinot Meunier.ABOUT POMMERYAfter making a fortune in the wool industry, in 1856, Mr Pommery was in fragile health and decided to retire from business and enjoy a quiet life. His son Louis was no longer a child. Mr Pommery and his wife did not have any special plans. They simply wanted to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But destiny had other things in store for them? Madame Pommery discovered she was expecting a child, at the age of 38. This miraculous pregnancy, more than 17 years after her first, would change their lives forever. To provide for his baby daughter, Mr Pommery decided to go back into business. But the wool industry was in crisis. However, the champagne trade was booming.Champagne is a unique region, a unique wine, the oldest AOC in France and is only produced in the specific area delimited by law on 22 July 1927. Out of the 34,000 hectares making up our vineyards in Champagne, we have contracts on almost 2,000 hectares and we wholly own and cultivate 255 hectares using sustainable wine growing methods.Sustainable wine growing is a collective approach operated in Champagne since 2001. It was introduced following a standard written by the ?Sustainable wine growing in Champagne? inter-professional group and vineyard self-diagnostic. Major environmental protection efforts were undertaken, in several areas, such as soil work, vine management, waste management, vine protection products, etc.

A MAGNUM OF LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL CUVEE PRESTIGE 2008 LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL CUVEE PRESTIGE 2008 The jewel of the House is Cristal created in 1876 for Tsar Alexander II. This champagne at its finest as inspired today as it always has been the embodimient of elegance and purity. Cristal is made accordance to the strictest criteria based on a drastic process of selection applying to the vintage the cru the village the grapes and finally the wines. Only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the House's 10 most celebrated crus are used in the production of this legendary cuvee. Blended from 55 Pinot Noir and 45 Chardonnay grapes and aged for an average of 5 years plus 6 months after disgorging it is yellow green in colour with fleeting glints of gold. It is rich and intensely fruity on the nose with a rounded palate of citrus against a background of red berries followed by a subtle toastiness and notes of almonds. A combination of both freshness and delicacy alongside creamy bubbles it has a finish of exquisite length and crispness. The color of the 2008 vintage is burnished yellow with gold reflections. On the nose the wine opens with the youthful intensity of white flowers citrus and red berries followed by warmer notes of toast chocolate and wood. The palate shows a mixture of ripe lush fruits (vine peaches) and toasty aromas with a dense and fleshy structure. The silky texture on the mid-palate culminates in a glorious finish. Sending a bottle Louis Roederer Champagne makes any gift VERY special. S end more Louis Roederer gifts please see full list below.

A MAGNUM OF MOET & CHANDON BRUT IMPERIAL CHAMPAGNE Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial has for many years been the world's best selling non-vintage Champagne and is consistently soft fresh and very well balanced. A harmonious blend of all three grape varietals and reserve wines Brut Imperial is a subtle drier-styled champagne. Brut Impérial describes the driest of Moët & Chandon champagnes with almost no liqueur added in the dosage. Moët & Chandon reserves its best cuvées for the bruts. Sending a bottle Moet & Chandon Champagne makes any gift special.

Magnum of Bollinger Special Cuvee is perfect shared among friends, for a simple and meaningful moment. It is the champagne we give to the people we love and who love nice things. To enhance its unique style, bouquet and aromas, Special Cuvée is best served between 10 and 12C. You can enjoy Special Cuvée right away, or choose to age it in your cellar

Magnum of Pol Roger Magnum Sir Winston Churchill A Magnum of Magnum of Pol Roger Magnum Sir Winston Churchill (1.5 litres). Pol Roger's Magnum of Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2009 Champagne was made in his honour. Sir Winston Churchill was Pol Roger's most illustrious devotee and customer. The blend is a closely guarded family secret but from tasting it is likely that the champagne features about 70-80 Pinot Noir with the remainder made up from Chardonnay.

A Magnum of Pol Roger Brut Reserve From the favourite Champagne house of Winston Churchill comes this beautifully golden straw yellow champagne. While not being overly fizzy or foamy this champagnes fine bubbles just keep sparkling. A bouquet of floral and ripe fruit aromas mesh well with its light oaky roasted aroma. Pol Roger Reserves rich vinous grapey flavour is thirst-quenching on the palate with a superb taste of brioche. A suggestion of sweetness adds to its very smooth silky texture. Its strong fruity taste becomes more and more toasted over time leading to a very long finish. Composed of more than 30 base wines drawn from at least two vintages Pol Roger Reserve is never realsed until at least 3 years old.

Pure, limpid, and soft champagne with stylish character. Its fruit is fresh and appealing, bursting with apples and lemons. An uplifting note of freshly baked brioche adds complexity and class to an elegantly balanced palate. 041b061a72


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