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Sup Buying Guide

For guidance on how to approach the task of shopping for an inflatable paddle board, we also recommend that you read about our step-by-step guide to the buying process in The Best Inflatable Paddle Board - Reality vs the Internet

sup buying guide

Following these tips should help you narrow down the categories of boards, size and shape considerations, materials and constructions, deck pads, riggings, and fin systems to help guide your choice of an inflatable paddle board.

Longer boards are also better for long distance paddling. Plus, they allow for more space to carry and store gear on your board. If touring and downwind paddling are in your future, then definitely consider buying a longer board.

Again, this is the guideline for beginners looking for something with sufficient float and stability. As we noted, board manufacturers will usually give you the recommended weight range in their board specs.

At SUP inflatables, we speak to lovely customers every day who want a paddleboard and then find themselves completely lost on how to actually choose one..We have written this guide on 'how to choose a paddleboard'! Equally... If you fancy a chat... Just call us on 07545882606 and we will happily listen and give you advice.

We hope you enjoyed our SUP buying guide. We wanted to make a comprehensive guide as many other buying guides seem to just push random boards on people. Please be sure when buying a SUP to take your time, test them if you can, and use your own judgement regardless of what we, or other SUP buying guides might say. Be sure to read our blog for more information on sup boards, sup fitness, and gear reviews.

With so many variables, choosing the right paddle board can be daunting.So we have made a really easy to follow guide that will help you choose the perfect board for you. It includes shapes, materials, and even a quality guide that breaks down what you can expect at the various price-points.

The material is less important for paddles for kids. It does not necessarily have to be an expensive carbon paddle, they are rather too sensitive for children. Paddles made of an aluminium-plastic combination are perfectly adequate. Also, it does not have to be the heaviest paddle. Even plastic paddles can be light. More information about the paddle selection can be found in our paddles buying guide.

A parent and one child can be carried by these boards without any problems, as the boards have high volume. And by the way: Children love to be on the board while you paddle! You can find more information about the right board selection in our Buyers guide for paddle boards.

Before buying a sup paddle, it is also important to know for what purpose you will mainly use it. For example, are you only going to paddle board in the sea or are you also going to paddle small pieces on flat water? Or do you really want to enjoy a long piece of Stand Up Paddle Boarding? An appropriate SUP Paddle can be found for all the purposes just mentioned. View the list below to find the ideal SUP Paddle per application.

No worries, you've come to the right place at Watersports4fun, because we'll tell you exactly what to look out for in our purchasing guide. Do you have any questions afterwards? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We would be happy to provide you with personal purchase advice. That way you can be sure of the best deal, have the right equipment and be out on the water in no time.

Advanced users and professionals have a greater demand for speed and multiple applications. Such models are also available in the shop. Further on in this SUP board buying guide we will describe more about this.

Ultimately, this decision can be a tricky one, especially for a beginner. We want you to know that we are happy to help guide you and answer any questions you may have! Please contact us! Better yet, visit us and let us welcome you to the family!

On this page you will receive information, buying guides and tips & tricks for everything you need to start Stand Up Paddle Boarding or to make your paddle boarding experience more comfortable and safe.

However, before you go on and practice the strokes from this list, it is also important to know how to hold a paddle board paddle in the right way. While you can read the extensive guide on how to hold the paddle in the link above, it is important to note never to grip it overly tightly or put your hands too close together.

ALBERTA, Canada - Purchasing a stand up paddle board for your family can be a daunting experience. Paddle boards are expensive, and many people are afraid to make the wrong decision when buying a SUP. Keep these tips in mind during your shopping process to help you make the right purchase decision.

Ideally, you should visit our headquarters in Berlin or one of our branches and try out the electric surfboards. For this purpose we offer for example eFoil lessons. If this is not possible, we will be happy to advise you by phone. A good start is also this electric surfboard online buying guide for a first surfboard with motor comparison.

An electric hydrofoil surfboard, or eFoil for short, floats above the water. A flying surfboard? That's right. Thanks to a mast under the surfboard to which an underwater wing and a motor are attached, the surfboard takes off. eFoils have become very popular in recent years.You already know that it should be an eFoil? Jump right to our eFoil buying guide.The first eFoil was developed in the summer of 2008 as an Evolo project by students at KTH Sweden, led by our (now) friend Professor Jakob Kuttenkeuler. Jakob last visited us in Berlin in 2022. Here is a photo of us before we took an eFoil tour through Berlin:

If you choose a cheap offer from China without local support, it may be very expensive for you, as you may spend a few thousand EUR for nothing at all. We don't want to be negative in our surfboard with motor buying guide, but probably realistic.

If you want to get a SUP, you first have to ask yourself whether you want an inflatable or a hardboard? And should it be a touring or an allround board? These two questions will be answered in the first part of our SUP guide.

A hardboard is particularly suitable for you if you have a direct storage place at the lake, river or sea and you don't have to transport the board. Good riding feeling and stability in the water comes with a SUP hardboard. Solid SUP boards often consist of wood or high-tech materials such as carbon, polyester, epoxy or polyethylene. Since inflatable SUP boards are recommended for beginners, many people shy away from buying a hardboard, as it is often notorious as professional equipment.

To make your tandem paddle board purchase less confusing for you, we will give you insight and some useful factors to pick your paddleboard. This guide will roll through some primary factors to consider while buying a paddle board double paddle.

Keeping some margin between your weight and the paddle board weight limit will allow you sometimes to carry luggage or a pet or child along. Now that you know what maximum capacity you should look for, eliminate the ones with a lower capacity right away to speed up your buying process.

Most people consider a brick-and-mortar store visit to know what they are paying for. But online buying gives you even more power. Look for verified customers on different online platforms and shop for a brand that pro paddlers trust. You can find thousands of reviews on every top paddle board model.

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